Okay. I just wanted to show you my former crammed late submitted project in Econ. Please don’t judge me 🙂 I’m sleepy and all and I just did that for one night.





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Lights, Camera, Action!

What movies had I been up to?

1. Les Miserables 2012


Oh my god. Les Miserables. I first watched this movie in SM Clark as a requirement for English IV. After my first watch, I was so hooked up that I did not realize it was that long! Eventually I watched it again in SM North Edsa with my family.

Les_Miserables_HathawayBecause Anne Hathaway was there (many people say I look like her, do you agree?), my sister decided to watch Princess Diaries 1 and 2.

2. Princess Diaries


I love it how the ordinary Mia Thermopolis transforms into a beautiful princess. Oh, and I love Mandy Moore’s bitchy role!


There was a scene where my sister and I laughed so much. The first time Mia went to school  with her hair done, they are having a pop quiz in French Revolution. (Getsss?? Clue: Fantine)

3. Princess Diaries 2


images (1) images (2)

I love their love team here. It’s so cute but sadly they did not end up together 😦

4. Borat

As I watched Sacha in Les Miserables (Monseiur Thenardier), I tried to watch his movies wherein he was lead. Also, as an advice from my friends. Hi Jeff and Janjan!

images (3) borat4688400271_3529c89697_z

She’s eh forty three. I love her. 🙂 Great success!

5. Bruno

Another movie from Sacha Baron Cohen! It’s something like Borat but here he’s from Austria and he’s a gay that wanted really bad to be famous. Well, he did. 😀

images (4) images (6)images (5)

6. The Dictator

This is the latest movie I watched. I just watched it a while ago. It’s funny! You should watch this.


7. The King’s Speech


I call it coincidence because I did not watch this because of the supporting actress! Madame Thenerdier is that actress. I haven’t really finished this movie because it is prio week and such but will definitely find time to!

8. Warm Bodies

images (7) Warm-Bodies_newposter7PPP

Warm Bodies. It is abou zombies tuning back to life. I prefer they remain dead because I dunno. I did not really enjoyed this movie. But I watched this in SM North Edsa! I mean, it’s not that great for me but I think is still a nice movie to watch.

9. Inception

inception_meme__1_ leo-dicaprio-inception-movie-poster-09inception13

Great movie. I want to experience inception. Although I did once. But I did not know I was dreaming on my first dream then. 😦

Too much movies for a cramming 4th year student. Ciao! Still need to cram other homeworks!


Sciency Stuffs

Viel Perlas is a person who had her whole high school life connected with science. Or may I rephrase, a person who studied in a science school. As a requirement to graduate, we must sumbit research paper. It’s like a mini thesis but I don’t consider it mini because we are required with the complete tarpaulin, bookbinding, oral defense with exprets, and stuff. Anyway, we are grouped into threes (or some prefer by pair or individual). My research is the “Antibacterial Properties of the Leaves of Ziziphus talanai (Balakat)”. Balakat is an endemic tree here in the Philippines and we even got our leaves from Limay, Bataan.

If I were to explain evrything about our research, it would be very very very long because we planned for this for almost two school years (3rd and 4th year). But today, we are still cramming with the requirements. Haha! My groupmates by the way are Bien Perry N. Romulo and Aldrian Jason C. Gigante. Hi Pewwy and Jason!

So, for the experiment we had to use blender, soxhlet apparatuses, and rotary evaporators to have our extract.



Actually, we had anomallies in usin the soxhlet. It did not lead into a disaster though.

DSC00816 DSC00831

The final product:


Here are some of the pictures of the very experiment!

DSC00893 DSC00890 DSC00887 DSC00885 DSC00880  DSC00876 DSC00846 DSC01084


Only final paper, poster, and oral defense left! and the mini sci fair. Hectic much? 😦 Ciao guys!

Cathy Meow Meow

So earlier I thought of what my first ever blog in this site is gonna be. Why not blog about what I love most? So I thought about it and came up with the topic — CATS. Cats, as in the adorable ones in the movie Ice Age (no not tigers haha but they’re cats anyway!)


(picture from

(WARNING: If you are not much of a cat lover, then you may be bored by this post. Only cat lovers want to read a cat story so… 🙂 )

I love love love cats. They’re just sooo adorable. I want to see them when I’m stressed and I wanted to pet their ” I am proud” because it looks like the fluffiest part aside from their belly fur (“I am proud” means the the fur covering the breast bone if the cat when they are sitting. Am i right, is that called breast bone? haha!). If you’re wondering why I love cats sooo much (If you knew me personally, you would understand), then here’s the story: I first loved cats when our family had our first cat (or rather the first cat I remembered). When we adopt a cat, we would always name it “Catty”, “Kitty”, “Cathy”, etc. I think we had one named like that. I don’t really remember anymore 😦 Forgive me. Moving on, the first cat I remembered that we adopted is named “Spotty”. I got him from outside of our drugstore. He was crying. My grandfather was the one to approve of adopting him. I have no pictures of Spotty since it’s really way way back and there were no digi cams back then and camera film was so precious that it wont be used for Spotty ( sorry Spotty!) But he somewhat looked like this:

black and white persian shutterstock_47480404

(picture from

Ooooh. That looked too fluffy and regal. Haha! Well, Spotty is just and ordinary pusakal that had black and white spots. Spotty died because he was slaughtered by the three dogs living in our neighbor’s house. If you ask why Spotty was there in the first place, then ask Blondie. Blondie is a stray cat that frequently stays at our roof where Spotty also goes most of the time. We suspect that Blondie taught Spotty how to go astray so when he did (yes, Spotty is a he), he died. *insert sobs and tears here* We love you Spotty. Your cat version of the song “Superman” by Five for Fighting will always be remembered. He had a jingle. And it goes like: I’m more than a cat… blahblahblah and it’s not easy to be meee. This song is dedicated to all cats emo-ing because they are oh so fluffy (and cute).

Our second cat is named Cathy. Ths, we had him for a long long time, like six years I think? Or maybe more. He is an adorable fat cat with orange spots. This time, I had one picture of him.


Ewww. He looks malnourished thee. I think he already got his sickness at that picture. Cathy died of old age. His legacies were catching a bird and leaving it dead in our house, eating Hamtaro (my Hamster), eating the bird my yaya caught for me, and scratching the cornea of our cute japanese spitz Sylvester.

After Cathy, we had a hard time adjusting. We haven’t got a cat since Cathy. Oh, we had one. One we picked up half dead after Sylvester slaughtered her. I forgot her name. But I’m sure it was a she! Here’s her picture:


Lastly, our present cat is named Cathy. Yes, Cathy. He is just a year old and is our baby. I just held him in my arms yesterday haha! I have lots of pictures of him!

2013-01-05 09.39.43

 2012-04-21 08.12.13

2012-04-21 08.12.32

2013-01-05 09.39.26

 2012-04-21 08.14.26

 2012-04-21 08.10.42

(Cathy’s father – a stray cat that goes in our garage)

He also had this love team with my cat Baby Champy. I joked that it is our child with Champy, the cat I had been obsessed about in school. Here is a picture of Cathy and Baby Champy:

2012-06-17 15.56.20

2012-03-23 14.09.57

If you are wondering how Champy looks like, I must tell she really looks like Emma Stone. I even made a collage showing how a like their facial features are!

2012-03-22 15.38.21

2012-03-22 15.39.04

2012-03-27 08.45.13

2012-03-27 08.41.53

2012-03-27 08.47.08

2012-03-22 15.38.29

(Champy’s stomach while pregnant with Baby Champy’s brothers and sisters)

Those are the cats that had been really close to me. The are also others that weren’t my cat but were very close to me. These are Kurochan (the fat lazy cat from the palaisdaan living in our drugstore), Mekon (the first tricolored cat I’ve seen), Garfield/Katrio (the other cat after Kurochan), and Brad (the cat that looks like Cathy but smaller).

I always look when there is a cat. An advice I may give is that there are a little friendly cats in Ateneo. The friendly ones are the ones in the canteen. Do not ever pet the ones near the trash bins. I think they’re dangerous. They snarled at me onceAnd for UP Diliman, almost all the cats there are friendly but I think dirtier? Well I only had a summer with them so please correct me if I had my first impressions wrong!

2012-04-18 13.10.16 2012-04-18 13.10.19

The pictures above are some of the friendly cats I met in Ateneo 🙂

There you have it! My cat story. If you want to see more pictures of the cats I had stalked or at least followed once, you can see an album specially made for the cats I stalk in my facebook pae. Thank you. 🙂 Ciao! Have a great rainy day.